Thursday, March 7, 2013

Glenn Beck Did Not Write This

Glenn Beck released a new novel this week called Agenda 21. It's doubtful he wrote this one either...

A short time ago, Beck released The Overton Window. It was widely panned for how poor it is written. But it wasn't written by Glenn. He bought the rights to it and slapped his name on it.

For a while I have had a little habit. I spend a fair amount of time in bookstores and combing the shelves of thrift shops looking for hidden treasures. I see the The Overton Window on the bargain racks and remainder stacks.

When I do, I perform a little necessary editing. There is a pen that lives in my pocket. For two decades or so. The pen comes out, I open the first page of that dreadful wannabe thriller and I scrawl:


I should not do this.

I do it anyway.

I've done it dozens and dozens of times.

I did it today.

I think more people should do it.

For all of Beck's sins, for all of the many reasons there is to loathe and despise him, this is the largest to me; claiming to write a novel you didn't author. That's what Snooki does.

It's beyond rotten.