Saturday, June 14, 2008

Vampires In A Thunderstorm

The rain is still hammering against the windows on our apartment.

Thunder is ripping through the skies over Manhattan. Cracking and rumbling overhead. Our pets are scared.

Earlier tonight, my buddy Dave and I braved the elements to see one of my favorite bands, Vampire Weekend, perform a free show in Central Park. They are incredible. Original. The cat’s freaking pajamas.

This evening featured one of the most violent thunderstorms I have ever seen. One of biblical proportions. The kind of weather where Noah may have to be build a boat.

At the Summer Stage, thousands had gathered to see the show. Dave and I wandered around a bit before figuring out that we could still get into the amphitheater. Right when we made our way past the crowds and got a view of the band, the heavens opened. And dumped and dumped and dumped.

I think I saw some frogs falling from the blackened sky.

And the crowd loved it. Vampire Weekend’s energy raised with the crowd and the show became even more spirited.

It honestly was the most diverse group of young people I have ever seen at a rock show. Like a damn Benetton ad multiplied by a thousand. The United Nations gathering together, taking a mutual shower and experiencing the magic of live rock and roll.

The drenched masses huddled together, danced together and laughed together. “We’re soaked, might as well make the best of it.” It was so wet the stoners couldn’t even light their spliffs to pass around.

Honestly, it was one of the most special and unique musical experiences I have ever had. And friends, that is saying something.

That’s the power of live rock and roll. Not even gale force winds and a torrential downpour can stop it. Even soaked to the skin, the hairs on my arms stood up when the crowd sang “Oxford Comma” together.

I’d rather die than “mature" to a point where I don’t have that feeling anymore.

Feel the rhythm, feel the soul, hail hail rock and roll…

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Dave Riddle said...

Bro. That sounds like a good time.
I with my strong hair band even enjoy a little V dub.