Monday, May 12, 2008

Yes But No But Yes...

I have been asked to become a staff writer for the pop culture web site

I am going to continue to post here, but some of the "better" stuff may be directed to the site since they are, you know, paying me to write my drivel. I am sure the posts will be mostly about Larry Bird, monkeys and pirates.

My first article for the site is "Why I Told Lost To Get ... Well, You Know..." is posted now and can be seen here.

It would great if you bookmarked it and checked back now and again since the more I'm read the more shekels are in my pocket.

Thanks for being able to read.

Good night and good luck.

1 comment:

Dave Riddle said...

I love you too man. You can mess with my Poison and my Crue, but KISS. Sorry, I had to bring it.

Dig, the work!