Thursday, September 25, 2008

Halloween Masks Predict Presidential Elections?

Believe it or not, maybe.

Last week TIME magazine columnist Nancy Gibbs mentioned that "in the past seven elections, the candidate with the best-selling Halloween mask has won." This is a topic that has popped up the last few elections.

Seven in a row. That's quite a streak.

This tidbit makes one wonder. Was the top selling mask purchased and worn as a tribute to a respected political leader? Or ... is the mask worn in sarcastic mockery of the current or soon-to-be Commander in Chief? I would bet the latter.

Take recent Presidents for example. We have seen the go-to Bush mask accompanied with the dunce cap. Easy. Funny. There was also the hall of fame costume of Slick Willy wielding a huge plastic cigar. A classic.

We'll check who has the best selling latex mask and see if it predicted our next President.

Who would you rather be for All Hallows Eve? I asked my 5-year-old nephew Jackson what I should be for Halloween. He said, "Be a Mummy or a Vamp-Pirate." A Vamp-Pirate? "Yeah, that would be awesome. Or be a ninja. I'm going to be a ninja."

When considering either being McCain or Obama, I think the 5-year-old is right. Be a ninja instead.

I bet there are a few of you that can't stop picturing what a "Vamp-Pirate" looks like. Could be a future blockbuster franchise. "In a world where vampires and pirates have combined forces..."

"The 'Have's' have not, a clue."

(Curious who is wearing the Nixon mask at the head of the post? That would be the immortal Dr. Hunter S. Thompson.)

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