Monday, September 15, 2008

More Ricky Gervais Podcasts Coming Tomorrow

My brothers and I have been chattering about Season 5 of Ricky Gervais's podcasts for weeks now. Eagerly anticipating them like children pining for a new bicycle on Christmas morning.

The reason being, the podcasts are one of the few genuinely funny bits of popular culture left. Ricky and Stephen Merchant are there to keep the show moving along, but it is the phenomenon that is the shaven chimp of a moron Karl Pilkington that we want to hear. Will Karl teach us about a monkey that robbed a bank and retired to Spain? Will he prattle on about ghosts and goblins? Nearly everything he says is funny. I can't freaking wait till tomorrow.

If you have not heard the podcasts. Trust me. Go to iTunes and buy Season 1. Just do it. You will laugh. Hard. You'll laugh so hard it's possible that a little pee may come out.

Fair warning.

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