Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sarah Palin Approves of Witch Hunts?

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A little political weekend weirdness for you to gnaw on...

Pastor Thomas Muthee, who Sarah Palin credited with "awesome prayers" that helped her become the Alaska Governor, once led a witch hunt in Kenya. Figuratively, you may be wondering. Nope. Unfortunately not. In 2005 Muthee led an actual, old school, Salem-style witch hunt.

Details of the story are still being pieced together, but it appears the tale goes something like this: Muthee wanted to establish a church in the town of Kiambu, just outside of Nairobi. Wanting to make an impression right away, Muthee targeted a local fortune teller named Mama Jane. It appears Mama Jane had never caused any trouble, but Muthee had "proof" of witchcraft. That proof? Three car accidents that had occurred in Mama's neighborhood. She must have caused them. That's ironclad.

It gets worse from here.

Pastor Muthee led three police officers to Mama Jane's home, burst in and arrested the "witch." During the raid, someone shot Mama's pet snake, a large python. Why? That snake was "a demon." Of course it was.

Mama was confronted by Muthee who allegedly yelled "Mama Jane either gets saved and serves the Lord or she leaves town!" It appears the witch did not comply and she was chucked into the hoosegow. After finally being released, Mama Jane feared for her life and got the hell out of Dodge.

Palin's church, the Wasilla Assembly of God, has praised Muthee because "He has established and pastors hundreds of churches in Kenya." According to reports "When Palin was beginning her campaign for Governor of Alaska, she had Muthee pray over her, asking God to make her Governor. On her June 8, 2008 speech at the Wasilla Assembly of God church, Palin suggested that she believes that Muthee’s prayer is responsible for getting her into the Governor’s seat."


Strangely Kenya does have a problem with witches. Maybe too many magic mirrors and enchanted broomsticks lying around.

Here's a report from earlier this year:

Make of this what you will. But in 2005, more than 300 years after witches were burned and drowned in Massachusetts, the Vice Presidential nominee is closely tied to a preacher that not only believes in witchcraft, but actively "battled" it.

They believe in witches. Folks, you can mix all the eye of newt, snake blood, bat wing and wolfsbaine you want into a pewter cauldron, it ain't gonna do anything. The ridiculous hysteria that leads people to boycott Harry Potter and burn books on courthouse steps still goes on. "You must ban Harry Potter! It's teaching kids to become witches!" Do you ban C.S. Lewis or J.R.R. Tolkien too, sir? No? Oh, right, they're professed Christians. Magic is okay then. (For the record, Lewis was an adamant atheist for many years.) Wizards and conjurers are acceptable under those conditions. The Force in Star Wars? How about a boycott there? Nah, that would just be silly.

Do your own research on this. Google "Thomas Muthee witch hunt" and see what comes up.

Here is Olbermann's take on this nonsense.

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