Friday, September 12, 2008

Briton Claims He Invented iPod in 1979

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Britain's Kane Kramer claims he invented the iPod. In 1979. He has drawings.

On his website, Kramer has the original drawings and schematics for the "first MP3 player." Also on his site is a PDF of a nine page document that speaks about a centralized server where music is stored.

Now I can see that the drawing resembles the basic design of the iPod. Rectangular in shape with a display screen and a 4-way directional touch pad. However, here is my beef with Kramer's claim; I drew pictures when I was a kid of saucer-shaped aircrafts. If tomorrow the chaps at Area 51 rolled out an experimental aircraft of a similar shape, I can't claim I already invented it.

H.G. Wells wrote in detail about a Time Machine. Doesn't mean he invented one.

The great Leonardo Da Vinci had sketches of flying machines, helicopters, armored tanks, hang gliders, parachutes and submarines. That doesn't mean Da Vinci invented any of those devices.

Seems pretty thin to me...

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