Saturday, September 13, 2008

YouTube Gems Vol. #5: Beatles Edition

Since the last couple entries both had a connection to Mother England, and being the loyal Anglophile that I am, why not make it a theme? Thus, a Beatles chapter of YouTube Gems.

Paul performing "Blackbird" at the Queens Jubilee in 2002. There was a concert called Party at the Palace. Note to self: Someday throw a party for myself and call it a "Jubilee."

"Don't Let Me Down" from the roof of the Apple Headquarters on Savile Row. The boys broke up soon after.

At the Concert for George, a tribute a year after he died, Paul, Ringo, Eric Clapton and others perform a touching version of "Something." I believe the most beautiful song the Beatles ever put on wax.

John, along with Clapton, Keith Richards and Mitch Mitchell from the Jimi Hendrix Experience move through a ripping version of "Yer Blues." The band was called The Dirty Mac.

George was known as the "quiet Beatle," but he had a wry sense of humor few people saw. He was a huge fan of Monty Python and made a guest appearance to perform "The Pirate Song."

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