Friday, September 26, 2008

"Jetman" Soars Over English Channel

After two weather delays earlier in the week, Swiss adventurer Yves "The Jetman" Rossy has flown over the English Channel powered only by jet-propelled wings.

Just moments ago, Rossy jumped out of airplane at 8,200 feet, fired up his jet-pack and flew the 22 miles from Calais France to the white cliffs of Dover. He accomplished the feat in about ten minutes.

I've watched this story for months. I honestly feel this is an incredible achievement. A feat of human ingenuity and bravery.

With the impeding financial doom we are facing later today, we need a few happy stories to serve as a distraction.

(Click on that "white cliffs of Dover" link and you'll hear one of the great songs of all time. A personal favorite that very nearly made my Desert Island Disks.)

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