Friday, September 5, 2008

Reason #7,733 I Love My Nephews

A couple times a week my nephews (Jackson, 5 and Luke, 2 1/2 years old) ask to talk with me on the webcam. Part of the process is I tell them stories. Then they repeat the story and tell it back to me. This weeks story was E.T. landing his spaceship in the backyard, then going to swimming lessons with the boys and living in the playroom forever. Two boys and an alien: pals. The story was a big hit. Universal Pictures is trying to option the tale. We're negotiating.

Jackson told me about the first week of kindergarten and Luke told me how "motorcycles need a drink." He means when you put gas in the tank, that's a drink.

Anyhoo, last weekend the boys were staying and their Grandfather's Whatcom County cabin. A big deal. The younger Luke is still trying to perfect potty training. His Dad thought that "peeing in the woods" would be a fun adventure. It was. Luke was chugging juice boxes just go outside to pick "what tree I'm gonna pee on."

Cut to four days later. I'm on the phone with my brother talking about the upcoming NFL season. Mid sentence, my brother stops. "Huh ... You're not going to believe what your nephew is doing," he said. I get excited when that sentence is said. "Luke is standing in the middle of the back yard, pants at his ankles, peeing. Swaying back and forth." The outdoor urination excursions had made an impression. My saint of a sister-in-law gave my brother a half smirk and a shake of the head. Which is code for "my sons are half well behaved, half rascals and we know which half you are responsible for." Bless her heart.

"Of all the animals, the boy is the most unmanageable."

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