Monday, July 14, 2008

Brett Favre Please Go Away


Quick note from The Sports Desk...

Number Four has received countless passes over the years.

We let his classless touchdown celebrations go. Even when he ran around like a little kid while the Packers were up by thirty. Nobody really called him out when he publicly said he did not care about mentoring Aaron Rogers. Brett maintained his fan support during the inane hostage-holding of the Pack the last three years while he mulled hanging up his cleats.

He skated by because his aw-shucks-good-old-boy-gunslinger act was fun to watch.

Favre is a first ballot Hall of Famer. His legacy is set. Even with his recent selfishness. But now that legacy is in jeopardy of taking a major hit.

After a tearful goodbye and retirement - one where he blubbered as he stated he was still a great quarterback - Favre has reportedly asked Green Bay for an unconditional release so he can come back and play again. For someone else. Give me a break.

Enough is enough, Brett. Please go away.

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Tony Mars said...

Head over to to sign the online petition urging the Packers to take Brett Favre back. Seldom does a genuine hero come along ... Rarer still one who needs our help. The site just went up overnight. Be the first to sign and show your support! -------

Johnny Wright said...

Uh, I think Tony missed the point of my post.

Reading comprehension is so overrated...