Monday, July 28, 2008

Meet Youth Pastor No-So-Evil Knievel

Pastor Dave is the coolest, baby. How do I know that? Because after a sermon, Pastor Dave rides his motorcycle off into the sunset. From inside the church! Talk about awesome! He's like Fonzie!

Nothing could go wrong from here, right?

Uh, Pastor Dave? You okay, man?


Dave said...

Dude, I love youth pastors. They always try their best to be cool, just to help us know Jesus.

Jeanette said...

Hey Johnny,

I can't believe you found me. That's awesome! What's up with you? My email is, Sounds like you're a writer of some sorts, in New York. Very cool. Have you found that special someone, or still to picky?! haha:) You know I love ya. Well, check in my blog, and you should be filled in with me. Good to hear from you. Be good, and are you going to church? You talk about this bar an awful lot? Just checking up on ya. That's what friends are for, even after 10 years. :)