Saturday, July 26, 2008

Idiotic Names Proposed For Oklahoma City NBA Team


From the Sports Desk...

The NBA has filed for trademark rights to six potential nicknames for the league's new, stolen Oklahoma City franchise. Now, here's what's funny. All of the names are absolute train wrecks. They're laughably bad. It seems these are the joke names, then the real ones are going to be announced later.

These are the proposed names. Seriously.

The Bison - What? No Muskox or Wildebeest? Why not The Cattle?

The Barons - The Noblemen. Cool. Good one.

The Energy - That would be the name of a junior high math team.

The Marshalls - Yep, they spelled it wrong. Marshal has one "L." Why does that not surprise me? Good one there, Enos.

The Thunder - A WNBA expansion team name if there ever was one.

And the best of the bunch...

The Wind - The most benign of all weather? Why not The Gentle Breeze? Or The Drizzle? "Ladies and gentleman, your Oklahoma City Low Pressure System!" Not only that, but there will be an unending barrage of fart puns the whole two years you are in existence.

Well done Oklahoma City. Off to a great start.

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