Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Monkey From Mars!

A Mars monkey is on display in a museum in Decatur Georgia! Not only is there life on the Red Planet, there is monkeys!

Well, not exactly. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has the remains of pretty funny hoax from 1953. Pranksters took a dead monkey, cut off its tail, used hair remover to make the little guy bald and died him green. Then told the UFO crazed public it was a Martian Monkey. The rascals even burnt a ring into the pavement with a blowtorch, simulating a small spacecraft landing.

According to the story:

Barbers Edward Watters and Tom Wilson, and the butcher, Arnold "Buddy" Payne, told the policeman they came upon a red, saucer-shaped object in the road that night. They said several 2-foot-tall creatures were scurrying about and the trio hit one with their pickup before the other creatures jumped back in the saucer and blasted skyward - leaving the highway scorched.

Nothing like a good old fashioned hoax.

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