Monday, July 14, 2008

Stickin' It To A-Rod

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From the Sports Desk...

I cannot express how entertaining the Alex Rodriguez implosion is. Almost as fun as Roger Clemens crashing to Earth like a busted spy satellite. A-Rod's phony act has been transparent for many years.

His alleged affair with Jurassic pop star Madonna and buying a condo for a stripper mistress are just hilarious.

The photo above of Toronto Blue Jays fans taunting Alex is worthy of a doff of the cap. Well done. That is better than Mariner fans throwing Monopoly money in the air when he comes to bat.

A-Rod is walking irony. He puts on his calculated act because he is so desperate to be loved and admired. Only sports fans and the media know it's rubbish and dislike him more as a result. Justice, if you ask me.

Check out this brief Onion Story that lampoons his persona perfectly.

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Anonymous said...

No hard feelings at all. I wrote what I wrote with a smile on my face and don't hold any malice towards your or any of your YBNBY buddies. I get a little over-patriotic sometimes when I feel like people don't appreciate what they have or the cost at which it came.
I enjoyed the crap out of your columns, but felt that I needed a clean break.
I found myself enjoying your columns and those of your roomates. It seemed like the columns classed up YBNBY.
Unfortunately, I found myself loosing a little class in a lot of the comment sections. I said a lot of things that weren't nice in the heat of the column, and felt bad that someone might get the wrong impression of who I was or what I believed.
You know as well as I do that people will take into account our actions when they judge more important things, and I hope that that wasn't the case for me.
So to make a long story short.
I love ya bro. and will still read your stuff, just on your page. You have got a lot of talent, and I hope it takes you as far as you want it to take you.
I probably wouldn't have looked you up, if you hadn't made an impression on me as a young green horn in Mississippi. You had cajones without apology, and that's something I picked up from you. It may be a bad thing sometimes, but it's never boring.
Hasta la patato my friend.
Your buddy in Jesus,