Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Karl Pilkington: One of the Funniest Men On Earth

Perhaps the funniest person on the planet is British comedian Ricky Gervais. But Ricky thinks there is someone much funnier than he is. That is Karl Pilkington.

Karl was a radio producer in London. He worked with Ricky and Stephen Merchant on their radio program. It didn't take long before Ricky had Karl and his incredibly unique view of the world on center stage. Now Karl is a celebrity in England. The author of two books with another due in the fall.

What makes Pilkington so funny is he doesn't know he's funny. By his own admission, he is a dolt. IQ of 83. Didn't finish school. Doesn't understand how things work in the world. He doesn't care what you or I think is important. He just talks, thinking out loud, and the funny comes naturally. I write about monkeys because it's entertaining. Karl actually believes that a monkey has robbed a bank, competed in the bobsled during the Winter Olympics and worked at a rail station.

Karl grew up in an hilariously eccentric family on an estate in Manchester. His folks are crazy. When they moved to a small Welsh village his father found out that the local grocer put out items ordered from locals to be taken on the "honor system" after the shop was closed, Karl's dad proceeded to steal all the groceries. It was one of the great days if Karl's father's life. When the family parakeet died, Karl's mum glued some of the deceased budgie's feathers to a rock to keep the other bird company. His brother was in the British army but was discharged when he drove a tank to the corner shop for a pack of cigarettes. Karl has a lesbian aunt he calls Uncle Hazel, his Uncle Alf slept in a rubber dingy, and his Auntie Nora -- he says -- once farted for five continuos minutes. Auntie Nora called Karl's mum halfway through the fart to report something was amiss. About two and a half minutes in, Auntie Nora got on the horn to tell her sister, "got a real wind situation happening."

Like many of us, Karl wonders about the world around us. He just wonders out loud. Do we need slugs or jellyfish? Why do Chinese people seem to age quickly? Why do gay people seem to always go out after midnight?

If you want to laugh, download the Ricky Gervais podcasts and listen to Karl's bewildered ideas. My brothers and I regularly laugh together discussing Karl's observations.

Meet Karl Pilkington:

This is a short documentary about Karl and his acceptance of not being smart.

Karl Pilkington - Satisfied Fool - Part 1

Satisfied Fool - Part 2 Notice the professor in the first part of Part 2. He is a real life Ludwig Von Drake.

Satisfied Fool - Part 3

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