Thursday, August 7, 2008

9/11 Conspiracy Theories

The ridiculous notion that the terrorist attacks on 9/11 were planned by government officials infuriates me. It's laughable. There is no evidence of a conspiracy. None.

I decided to rip them in a new column entitled Taking a Piss on the 9/11 Conspiracy Nut Jobs.

The title is not-so-subtle on purpose. I hate these people. Mainly because they claim patriotism but are really just trying to sell irresponsible books.

Give it a read.

Good night and good luck.


Davy said...

So bro., Why is Jellio so mad at you?

Davy said...

I think you should write a weekly column titled "Taking a piss on..."
Any time you take a piss on something that people take personal you are going to attract wacko's. Take for example when you took a piss on Poison. That sucked me in. Even when I made a clean break, I still couldn't stay away.
Dude, you should write one titled "Taking a piss on the environment and global warming." You want mad Lefties youll have it.
or go the other direction it doesn't matter, it just gives me a spot to feed my need for cyberbullying.