Monday, August 25, 2008

Mysterious Archer Robs Olympic Gold, Gives To Poor

Beijing -- A swashbuckling Olympic archery competitor has reportedly stolen the gold medals from nearly every medal ceremony only to give the precious treasure to the local poor.

It appears the archer made his way to Beijing on a phony Sherwood Forest passport.

According to reports:

An epic four-way fencing match broke out during the Women's Saber medal ceremony, with the archer taking on the three American women in a clash of blades that spilled out onto the balcony and across the Beijing rooftops. Germany's Ole Bischoff, winner in the Men's 81kg judo event, threw the archer through a nearby table and down a flight of stairs before his feet were nailed to the ground by arrows. And the Chinese women's gymnastics team was almost impossible for the archer to catch.

This archer has become folk hero. Read the rest of the tale here.

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