Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Monkey Matrimony

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Monkey News!

Well, sort of news. More like Monkey Story.

Yesterday I received an email from a reader named Jane. Which read in part:


... Me and some friends were talking about that monkey ice skating video. Somehow the conversation got to if monkeys have ever gotten married. I said yes, the others said no. Can you settle this for us?

As a matter of fact, Jane, I can. There are a few apocryphal tales about monkeys getting married. Including one where a zookeeper took a little monkey fella home to help around the house and the cheeky ape ran off with the zookeeper's missus. They eloped and lived happily ever after. Apparently.

However, there is a verified monkey wedding on the books. Brought to us from the world renowned BBC. Earlier this year, 3,000 villagers gathered in India to see two monkeys get married in a lavish Hindu ceremony.


This was quite the shindig. Locals in Ghanteswara gathered together to see Manu, a very successful monkey banker, marry Jhumuri, the blushing bride.

Locals took the groom to the temple for the ceremony accompanied by "by loud music, dancing and fireworks." Upon arrival at the temple, the groom was then serenaded by "loud, synchronised ululations typical in a Hindu marriage while priests chanted sacred hymns." Now that's a party.

The bride was decked out in a five-metre long sari, many fragrant flowers and smeared in sandalwood paste. She was glowing. It was the happiest day of her life.

The monkeys were given many lavish gifts -- I don't know where they were registered, but I'm assuming it was Target and Bed Bath & Beyond -- including a "gold necklace" for the bride.

Following the tear-jerking wedding, the throngs in attendance were treated to a feast of rice, lentils, vegetables, fish and sweets.

I heard that the newlyweds then headed off on their honeymoon in the Greek Isles.

Best of luck kids monkeys. God speed.

So, yes, monkeys have gotten married. Now you know, Jane. And knowing is half the battle...

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