Sunday, August 3, 2008

J-Dub Stalks Pearl Jam

In 2002, I was working at The Late Show with David Letterman. When bands I liked were on the show, I would often sneak up into the balcony to watch the soundcheck. When Pearl Jam was on to promote their record Riot Act, I was popping up all over the place just to see them. Just to get a glimpse of my favorite band.

I stumbled across an amateur video on the YouTube. Taken by fans outside the stage entrance as PJ enters and leaves the Ed Sullivan Theater. I knew exactly where I was, so was curious if I could see myself.

Now, if we freeze frame at 1:51, you'll see me in the lower right hand corner standing next to the door, nodding to the band as they enter the theater. I was buddies with the security crew and they told me I could stand there. Right at that moment, I am saying hello to Stone Gossard.

Seeing this was like finding my own Zapruder film. "We see in the lower right corner, Mr. Wright acting like a fourteen-year-old boy just trying to get a glimpse of his heroes."

Later that evening they played I Am Mine. I was standing in the balcony to see it.

The next night -- yep, when you're Pearl Jam you play two nights on Letterman -- they played Save You. Where was I you ask? Still in the balcony.

Never grow up my friends...

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